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robsons directory of berkshire 1839 Robsons Directory of Berkshire 1839. Detailed directories of the major towns and villages with the names, addresses and occupations of the inhabitants. A fantastic resource especially for those looking for leads in the 1841 census. Ref 1316 Price £15.50
pigots directory of berkshire 1830 and 1842-4 Pigot's Directories of Berkshire 1830 and 1842-4. Two Berkshire directories on one CD, both of which are a fascinating insight into the towns and villages of the time. Excellent short descriptions of each place and their facilities, plus lists of all people with trades. Includes the original 1842 Pigot's map of Berkshire. Ref 0185 Price £15.10
Combined Post Office Directories 1847 Combined Post Office Directories 1847. Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Huntingdonshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire on one CD.

A special combined edition of all of six county Post Office Directories. Ref 0448 Price £41.50
Post Office Directory of Berkshire 1847 Post Office Directory of Berkshire 1847. The Post Office Directories were the fore-runners of (and published by) Kelly's.

This excellent county directory come with its original 1847 map of Berkshire, that you can zoom in to the finest detail. 0441 Price £14.50
Post Office Directory of Berkshire 1869 Post Office Directory of Berkshire 1869. An excellent county directory, typical of the early Kelly's, with comprehensive descriptions of each town and village, and lists of people with their trades. Includes a good original 1869 county map of Berkshire. 0117 Price £14.50
Berkshire 1873 Return of Owners of Land Berkshire 1873 Return of Owners of Land. Lists every person in the county who owned 1 acre of land or more in Berkshire, with name, place, extent of land and its value. Ref 0213-14 Price £11.50
Harrods Directory of Berkshire 1876 Harrod's Directory of Berkshire 1876. This directory lists people with their name address and trade. It also gives interesting information about every town and village in the county of Berkshire. It is easy to locate your Berkshire ancestors using this directory. Ref 1222 Price £15.50
kellys directory of berkshire 1899 Kelly's Directory of Berkshire 1899. A 410 page directory including every parish in Berkshire with topographical descriptions. Ref IE5108 Price £19.50
kellys Directory of Berkshire 1907 Kelly's Directory of Berkshire 1907. A typical late directory, descriptions of every place and its facilities plus comprehensive listings of residents with trades. Ref 1272 Price £20.50
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