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pigots directory of cheshire and staffordshire 1822 Pigot's Directory of Cheshire and Staffordshire 1822. Two very rare directories on one CD.

The first Pigot's directories for both counties including main towns and market towns but not villages.

Cheshire includes Altrincham, Chester, Congleton, Frodsham, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Malpas, Middlewich, Nantwich, Neston and Parkgate, Northwich, Runcorn, Sandbach and Stockport.

Staffordshire includes Abbots Bromley, Bilston and neighbourhood, Burton upon Trent, Cheadle, Eccleshall, Leek, Litchfield, Newcastle under Lyme, The Potteries, Rugeley, Stafford, Stone, Tamworth, Uttoxeter, Walsall, Wednesbury, Willenhall and Darleston and Wolverhampton. Ref 0515 Price £14.90
pigots directory of cheshire 1828-9 Pigot's Directory of Cheshire 1828-9. A very rare early directory which covers the market towns and principal villages in Cheshire but does not include the smaller villages and hamlets. The descriptions of each place are excellent with lots of details about schools, hospitals, churches and other institutions plus detailed histories and directories of the nobility, gentry, clergy and classified directories of tradespeople. Ref 0876 Price £14.90
pigots directory of cheshire 1834 Pigot's Directory of Cheshire 1834. An early directory containing descriptions of the larger towns and villages in Cheshire. It contains the names and trades of residents in alphabetical order.

A fully searchable CD-Rom.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Ref 1231 Price £14.10
mortimer and harwood directory of birkenhead 1843 Mortimer and Harwood Directory of Birkenhead 1843. A great little directory of Birkenhead, includes a street directory and alphabetical listing of residents and their trades plus interesting adverts. Ref 1282 Price £16.10
bagshaw directory of cheshire 1850 Bagshaw Directory of Cheshire 1850. One of those really special early county directories with a history of the county and each place, complete descriptions of each town and village and its facilities, churches, institutions etc. and a surerb listing of all people in the county with trades. Ref 0121 Price £18.50
slaters directory of cheshire 1855 Slater's Directory of Cheshire 1855. A surerb and very comprehensive directory of Cheshire. Each place is described in great detail and includes lists of gentry, clergy and people with trades. Also included is a county map.

This book is one section of Slater's Northern Counties Directory shown below. Ref 0532 Price £18.50
slaters directory of northern counties 1855 Combined Slater's Directory of Northern Counties (Cheshire, Cumberland, Lancashire and Westmoreland) 1855. This includes the Lancashire and Manchester 1855 directories plus county directories of Cheshire, Cumberland and Westmoreland, all of the advertisements and some absolutely beautiful county maps.

An absolute gem for those researching the northern counties of England. Ref 0713 Price £24.20
history gazetteer and directory of cheshire 1860 History, Gazetteer and Directory of Cheshire 1860 - Francis White. The White's directories are the most comprehensive of the period, this one has 1016 pages, and a huge amount of information about the history and facilities of Cheshire and each of its towns and villages.

Each place is described in detail, together with listings of all residents with trades. Also included are farmers, carriers, teachers etc. Ref 1135 Price £19.10
mawdsleys directory of wirral 1861 Mawdsley's Directory of Wirral 1861. Includes Birkenhead.

An incredibly detailed directory including descriptions of the area, its population, an historical sketch, lists of places of interest, lists of civil, ecclesiastical and military arrangements and much more.

Residents are listed in alphabetical order, by surname and by street address with their trades. Ref 1281 Price £16.50
post office directory of cheshire 1865 Post Office Directory of Cheshire 1865. Includes an 1855 map of Cheshire.

The directory lists residents and their trades with the bonus of a street directory for both Birkenhead and Chester. Ref 1279 Price £19.10
Cheshire 1873 Return of Owners of Land Cheshire 1873 Return of Owners of Land. Lists every person in the county who owned 1 acre of land or more, with name, place, extent of land and its value. Ref 0213-05 Price £11.50
morris and co directory and gazetteer of cheshire towns 1880 Morris and Co Directory and Gazetteer of Cheshire towns 1880. Includes Wrexham.

Alphabetical lists of residents with trades on fully searchable CD-Rom. Ref 1280 Price £19.10
kellys directory of cheshire 1892 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1892. An excellent Kelly's Directory covering the whole of the county of Cheshire.

Book kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Family Records Centre. Ref 9007 Price £19.10
kellys directory of cheshire 1896 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1896. A very comprehensive Kelly's directory including a street directory of Birkenhead and Chester. Due to the poor condition of the original book corners are missing on some pages in the Birkenhead section. Ref 1286 Price £19.10
kellys directory of cheshire 1906 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1906. Another late and comprehensive Cheshire directory listing residents and their trades. It also includes a large amount of information about each place in the county, its facilities and demographics.

Street directories for Birkenhead and Chester are included. Ref 1284 Price £19.10
kellys directory of cheshire 1914 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1914. A very comprehensive directory of Cheshire bursting full of information about the county, every place is described in depth even the geology of the place. Indexed lists of residents and their trades are included together with street by street and house by house directories for Birkenhead and Chester. Ref 1278 Price £23.50
kellys directory of cheshire 1923 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1923. A late a very comprehensive directory including street directories for Birkenhead and Chester. Unfortunately there is some damage to the corners of the Birkenhead street directory section. Ref 1283 Price £23.50
kellys directory of cheshire 1934 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1934. Superb decriptions of each and every place in Cheshire with directories of the names andaddresses of the trades people and private residents.

Also included is a county wide directory of private residents, a classified trades diretory and an excellent county map. Ref 0907 Price £23.00
Cheshire is also included in some of our all England directories.
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