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County Maps Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire.This incredibly useful resource includes high quality digitized maps that you can zoom into and see the finest detail. A wonderful collection of old maps.

Cheshire county maps 1831, 1855 and 1934.

Chester 1796.

Lancashire 1828, 1831 and 1855.

Liverpool 1670, 1766, 1795 and 1895, Manchester 1788, 1793 and 1895.

Yorkshire 1828, 1831, 1890 and 1907.

Harrogate and Scarborough 1895, Sheffield 1895, Bradford 1907, Harrogate 1907, Hull 1907, Ilkley 1907, Leeds 1907, Sheffield 1903 and 1907, Whitby 1907 and York 1895 and 1907.

Combined canals, rivers and roads 1794.

Ref 0007-4 Price £11.90.

The Story of Some English Shires The Story of Some English Shires. Revd Mandell Creighton 1897. Wonderful historical accounts of seventeen English counties including:Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire. Ref 1028 Price £17.80
40 miles around manchester Forty Miles Around Manchester - 1795 Written by J Aitken M.D. there is only one word to describe this book....stunning.

Highlights include street maps and plans of Manchester in 1650 and 1793, a plan of Liverpool (with street names), maps of Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, West and North Ridings of Yorkshire and the northern part of Staffordshire. There are also lots of beautiful engravings to illustrate the text.

Also included are superb descriptions of principal places. Ref 0374 Price £18.50
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