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Cheshire Parish Registers Cheshire Parish Registers - Marriages (5 Vols). ARCHIVE CD BOOKS PARISH REGISTER SERIES All 5 volumes of the Phillimore's marriages transcripts, making up the county set. Phillimore's did not have access to the registers in all parishes when making the transcripts.

The transcriptions for each parish contain the whole of the registers for each parish from the first available preserved register (usually in the 1500s and as early as 1538) up to either 1812 or in many cases, 1837.

Parishes included on this CD:
Alderley 1629-1837, Bosley 1729-1750, Capesthorne 1722-1747, Chelford 1674-1752, Christleton 1697-1812, Disley 1591-1738, Gawsworth 1557-1812, Lymm 1568-1812, Marple 1656-1754, Marton 1563-1769, Pott Shrigley 1685-1751, Poynton cum Worth 1723-1753, Prestbury 1637-1731, Prestbury 1732-1770, Prestbury 1771-1789, Siddington 1722-1783, Taxal 1611-1812 and Taxal 1813-1837

Just 150 copies of each volume were printed. These are very rare and sought-after books of incredible value to the family historian. Ref GBR001-0008 Price £12.00

Trinity Parish Registers Chester
Chester, Trinity Parish Registers. Parish Register of the Holy & Undivided Trinity in the City of Chester, 1598-1837.
A transcript of the parish baptism, marriage and burial registers. Fully indexed. A huge book of 870 pages.
These registers give a surprising amount of additional information than normal, especially in the burials, which often state the cause of death, and in the marriages, where the occupation of the groom is often stated, together with the names of parents in many instances. Ref 1155 Price £14.75
Registers of Upton in Overchurch
Cheshire - Registers of Upton in Overchurch 1600-1812. A transcript, published in 1900, of the baptism, marriage and burial registers. Invaluable to those with ancestors in the parish. Ref 0095 Price £12.00
Gawsworth, Cheshire - A Parish History
Gawsworth, Cheshire - A Parish History. An old, limited edition book for those with interests in this particular parish. Notes about the history, development of the parish and notes on the registers, etc. Ref 0074 Price £12.00
Lancashire and Cheshire Wills

Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories, from the Ecclesiastical Court, Chester - Chetham Society Vol XXXIII - ISNB 1-84630-137-8

Re-published here on fully-searchable CD-Rom format is volume XXIII of the Chetham Society. Established for the promotion, collection and publication of the 'remains, historical and literary connected with the Palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester', this volume was original published in 1853-4.

Volume XXXIII of the Chetham Society's publications is drawn from the Archives of the Ecclesiastical Court, Chester, and the contents transcribed by the incumbent of Farndon, the Rev. John Piccope, M.A. These wills and inventories, more than fifty in total, formed part of a collection of eminent Lancashire and Cheshire families held at the Registry of the Chester Ecclesiastical Court, which had attracted the paricular attention of the Chanceller of the Diocese, the Rev. Henry Raikes, M.A. With Raikes' permission, the wills and inventories contained in this volume were transcribed.

The majority of the wills and inventories contained in this volume treat on some of the most eminent families of Lancashire and Cheshire in the first half of the 16th century. The wills and inventories transcribed by Piccope are presented almost in their original form, minus a few contractions and repitions and include all legacies and useful biographical noted on the testators throughout.

Volume XXIII of the publications of the Chetham Society should appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of the counties in question.

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