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stanleys historical memorials of westminster abbey Dean Stanley's Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey, 1911 - ISBN: 1-84630-130-0

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley's Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey was first published in 1867 and proved so popular that it was reissued repeatedly. The current volume published here, is the eighth edition. The book provides a lively account of the tombs and memorials that are to be found throughout the Abbey, as well as the many 19th century investigations of the tomb contents which the author seems to have particularly enjoyed. Needless to say much of the volume is given over to the large number of royal tombs, with extended discussions of royal coronation ceremonies. The main body of the book contains a thorough catalogue of all the monuments and memorials to be found in the Abbey from its foundation in 1050 to 1881. A more extended treatment is given to groups of memorials with a common theme, e.g. Poets corner (with memorials for Chaucer onwards). The last 200 pages of the book contains a detailed history of the Abbey from earliest times, with much detail about the people connected with its activities. This fascinating book, copiously illustrated with over 540 pages of text was reviewed in the September 2008 issue of BBC Who do you think you are? magazine and described as "an amazing insight into the world-famous abbey"

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english church brasses from the 13th to the 17th century English Church Brasses from the 13th to the 17th Century

By E.R.Suffling 1910. First Edition with 237 illustrations of examples reproduced from rubbings. Wonderful and especially for those with interests in Norman and Medieval times.

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heraldry from military monuments before 1350 Heraldry from Military Monuments before 1350

Descriptions of examples of heraldry to be found on hundreds of monuments in churches, abbeys and cathedrals all over the country.

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ancient funeral monuments Ancient Funeral Monuments 1631

A superb and very old book published in 1631 containing gravestone and monumental inscriptions from churches in East Anglia, London, the Home Counties and the South East. Transcribed as they appeared in 1631!!!

Hundreds of these gravestones were destroyed during the Civil War of 1642 and many more are now gone.

The book is organised into dioceses and then into churches within each. The outer columns of each page contain the short references to the people whose gravestones appear. In this very early period it was relatively unusual for a family to have a gravestone or monument so some churches contain just a few and others contain many.

This very early and rare book is invaluable for genealogists. There is nothing else like it!

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