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camdens britannia 1586

Camden's Britannia 1586. Translation and edition of 1722 by Gibson, complete with all of the 1695 maps by Robert Morden. This is the definitve early history and description of the whole of Britain. An absolute must for everyone's collection.

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heylyns help to english history

Heylyn's Help to English History. Revised and updated by Paul Wright 1773.

Not a descriptive history book but lists and dates of all Kings, together with lists of Bishops, Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, Baronets and all of the Mayors of London. Liberally illustrated with their coats of arms.

Unusually this book covers Kings of all the separate kingdoms of England and Wales including South Britain during Roman times, South Britain to AD 329, Kingdoms of Kent, South Saxon, West Saxon and East Saxon, East Angles, North Humbers, Mercia, English Saxons, Kings of England of the Saxon Race, The Danish Race, the Normans and so on unto more modern times.

Kings of Wales, Man and Wight are also included.

A fascinating insight into the fragmentation of Britain into different kingdoms before the time of the Normans.

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history of parish registers

The History of Parish Registers in England (also including Scotland, Ireland, the East and West Indies) - John Southerden Burn, 1829

Published in London by Edward Suter and reproduced here on fully searchable CD rom. 257 pages with an alternative title of Registrum Exclesiae Parochialis also includes information on foreign countries, dissenters, the Fleet, King's Bench, Mint, Royal Chapel etc. with observations on bishops transcripts and the provisions of the Act of 52d George III. Cap 146.

This truely fascinating indexed book is the result of many years of research, and it presents, amongst other things, a thorough critique of the parish registers of England, their origins, anormalies and uses and it is a must for the contemporary user of parish records in England.

Ref IE5038 Price £13.90

The Complete Parish Officer 1772 The Complete Parish Officer 1772. This is one of the most important resources that we have seen, and one that should be of great interest to all family historians. Published in 1772 it was the handbook of the duties and responsibilities of the Parish Officer. It includes the duties of the overseers of the poor, the power in relieving, employing and settling, etc. of poor persons; the laws relating to the poor, and settlements, and the statutes concerning masters and servants. The right of Settlement was something that was of great concern to all of our ancestors. Basically, to be able to have right of settlement in a parish, one had to be born there, married there or serving an apprenticeship there. Proof was all-important, especially if a person became destitute and needed support from the parish. Parish officers would have people literally evicted and transported to another parish under such circumstances. What happened about bastardy? What obligations does an apprentice have to his master and vice-versa? This book describes it all, together with the supporting laws.Other sections of the book include the authority and duty of constables, tithingmen, etc.; churchwardens, how they should be chosen, their duties, church accounts, repairing of churches, etc. There are some very interesting punishments for not attending church and keeping to the rules! There is a section on surveying the highways, Scavengers, methods of taxation of the highways, and laws. And finally, the duties and powers of Watchmen. Ref 0766gls Price £16.60.
old england a museum of popular antiquities

Old England. A Museum of Popular Antiquities. Charles Knight, undated but about 1860.

Two superb huge books on CD.

Each contains several volumes, with a topical approach to life, people, places, architecture, fashions etc. in England from Roman times through to 1860. The author has collected thousands of old engravings to illustrate the work. A double page of text, follwed by a double page of illustrations throughout the volumes.

Use the illustrations to compliment your genealogy or family history or local history work. Better understand what life was really like in old England.

Ref 0477 Price £24.90

the huguenots The Huguenots, their settlements, churches and industries in England and Ireland - Samuel Smiles 1889. A fully searchable CD-rom of the 6th edition of a book written by well respected and popular author Samuel Smiles.

A very readable account of the birth of Protestant reform in Europe from the Reformation and Martin Luther through the two waves of mass-migration culminating in the French Revolution. Accompanied by biographical notices on many leading Huguenot families and their descendants in England and Ireland.

A must for anyone with Huguenot ancestors or with an interest in this turbulent and fascinating aspect of European history. Ref IE0099 Price £15.50
picturesque england

Picturesque England. Picturesque England its landmarks and historic haunts 1891.

Picturesque England in Lay and Legend, Song and Story.

Hundreds of illustrations (black and white engravings) and some full colour plates. This is a really wonderful book in all respects. History, geography, anecdotes and stories.

Ref 0499 Price £21.10

The Story of Some English Shires The Story of Some English Shires. Revd Mandell Creighton 1897. Wonderful historical accounts of seventeen English counties including:Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire. Ref 1028 Price £17.80
feudal england Feudal England - J.H.Round. An excellent collection of the results of the author's research into feudal England in the 11th and 12th centuries. Ref 0910 Price £24.80
the naval history of england The Naval History of England. Published in two enormous volumes this is the complete naval history of England from the Norman conquest to the conclusion of 1734 including details of expeditions and actions undertaken all over the world.

As well as history this book also details all of the naval laws and customs of the time plus rates of pay and pensions. Ref 0789 Price £29.90
a picture of england 1791 A Picture of England 1791. An absolutely fascinating book, the title page states 'A picture of England containing a description of the laws, customs and manners of England. Interspersed with with curious and interesting anecdotes.'

It is interesting to note that this book was written by M D'Archenholz, formerly a captain in the service of the King of Prussia. What we have here is a picture of late eighteenth century England from a foreign point of view. Ref 0590 Price £17.80
the popular history of england The Popular History of England. An illustrated history of society and government from the earliest times to our own times. By Charles Knight 1856/1862.

This undated 8 volume set is a scan of the first edition of a work which took Charles knight 6 years to complete.

Containing detailed information from 55BC to 1867AD with 66 full page steel engravings plus over 1000 other illustrations this will give hours of absorbing reading.

The book includes a double page plan of London and part of its suburbs after the Great Fire in 1666. Ref 0478 Price £48.50
parliament its history constitution and practice Parliament, its History, Constitution and Practice. An excellent book describing the history and development of Parliament. Ref 0869 Price £13.40
inces english history customs and dress Ince's English History, Customs and Dress. Ref 0549 Price £17.10
charles darwin his life

Charles Darwin: His life - 1902

Released by Archive CD Books to mark the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in Shropshire, England.

Ref IE5045 Price £14.70

topographer and genealogist

Joseph George Nichols - The Topographer and Genealogist - 3 volumes 1846-1858

This publication contains a plethoria of material gathered from numerous sources including monumental inscriptions, estates records, parochial records, leases, family chronicals amd wills as well as work undertaken by much earlier genealogists such as, the herald, Peter Le Neve. It also includes records from various shires and hundreds of England and Ireland.

Ref IE5048 Price £23.80

the life of colonel hutchinson The Life of Colonel Hutchinson - 1808. Colonel Hutchinson was one of the major figures in the English Civil War. He was based in Nottingham. This wonderful account of his life was taken from contemporary articles, and letters, many written by his wife.

This is one of the most comprehensive insights to life and events during the English Civil War, and particularly in Nottinghamshire.

A very rare book. Ref 0490 Price £17.90
newgate calendar Newgate Calendar. Interesting memoirs of notorious characters that have been convicted of crimes in England during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Comprising the stories of traitors, murderers, incendiaries, ravishers, pirates, forgers, imposters, thieves of every description and essays on crime and punishment. The book makes detailed observations about cases including the gory details such as the confessions and last exclamations of prisoners.

Not just the crimes of nobles, but the petty criminals and everyday people too, in their hundreds. Fully searchable and a really juicy read.

Hopefully you won't find any of your ancestors included! Ref 1254 Price £17.90
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