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chavasses advice to a wife 1909

Chavasse's Advice to a Wife (5th edition) 1909. Republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom is the 15th edition of Pye Henry Chavasse's "Advice to a Wife on the Management of her own Health and on the Treatment of some of the Complaints Incidental to Pregnancy, Labour and Suckling". 405 printed pages, revised and edited for the 20th century by G. Drummond Robinson. By 1909 this book had sold in excess of 390,000 copies showing its contemporary relevance. Prior to Dr Spock's self-help books Chavasse's publications were the most widely read throughout Europe and America.

Ref IE5051 Price £10.20

the womans book The Woman's Book 1911. Edited by Florence B. Jack. Containing more than 700 printed pages this self-help manual for household management was, in its day, at the forefront of advice for women. The advice given is now, in the main obsolete, and perhaps offensive, books such as this brought into the open many subjects that had been hidden away in Victorian Britain. In addition to the expected sections this book also has advice for women in business. This fascinating book was lent to Archive CD Books by the directors of Family History Research Ltd Ref IE5097 Price £13.50
non-alcoholic cookery book
Non-Alcoholic Cookery Book. 130 pages of sober recipes from the British Women's Temperance Association. Ref 1335 Price £8.60
sports and pastimes of england
The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England - Joseph Strutt - 1833. Including the rural and domestic recreations, may games, mummeries, shows, processions, pageants and pompous spectacles from the earliest period to the present time.

Includes 140 illustrations.

A really fascinating book for those who would like to understand the activities of their ancesters through the centuries.

A fully searchable CD. Ref 1368 Price £16.90
dionis chirugical operations 1733
Dionis' Chirurgical Operations 1733. Descriptions of all manner of surgical procedures in minute detail, as they were performed in the early eighteenth century.

From treatment of carbuncles to amputation of limbs via child birth, bleeding and how to put in an artificial eye. Interspersed with illustrations of the instruments used to perform these grim medical procedures.

An absolutely fascinating book which really does bring your ancestor's trials and tribulations into sharp focus. Ref 1367 Price £16.90
evidence on the employment of children 1842
Evidence on the Employment of Children - 1842. This huge volume from 1842 was a government publication containing evidence on the employment of children. First hand evidence obtained by means of interviews with employers, adult workers and children, relating to the work and life style conditions of the children.

Almost 900 pages of testimonies and interviews, covering various types of factories and work in a wide variety of places in Britain.

An amazing insight into conditions of work and peoples lifestyle in 1842 in their own words.

Did you ancestors work in a factory? Put meat on the bare bones of your family history by understanding how they lived and worked. Ref 1068 Price £22.10
law relating to factories and workshops 1896
The Law Relating to Factories and Workshops (Including Laundries and Docks) 1896. A book such as this gives you a valuable insight into the world of the ordinary Victorian workers life with details of wages, working conditions and many other subjects relating to the workplace. Ref 1030 Price £16.90
justice and the poor in england
Justice and the Poor in England. An account of the position of the poor in legal matters in England and Wales and a study in the inequality in the administration of justice where they are concerned, and of the remedies which have been attempted and suggested. Ref 0993 Price £16.90
the village labourer and the skilled labourer
The Village Labourer and The Skilled Labourer 1760 to 1832. Two wonderful books on one CD. See descriptions of the individual items below. Ref 0583 Price £30.25
the village labourer
The Village Labourer 1760-1832. A wonderful history of the poor in the villages of the period. It deals with subjects such as enclosure, which had a dramatic effect upon village life and also with the Labourers Uprising of 1830.

An absolutely fascinating read which allows you to understand the hardships and the problems that the ordinary person faced during these times. Ref 0581 Price £21.10
the skilled labourer
The Skilled Labourer 1760-1832. Although similar to The Village Labourer (see above) this book deals with specific groups of workers. Its contents include:

The Miners of the Tyne and Wear, cotton workers, woollen and worsted workers, Spitalfields silk weavers, framework knitters and also has sections dealing with Nottinghamshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire Luddites. Ref 0582 Price £21.10
coaching days and coaching ways
Coaching Days and Coaching Ways. The author's intention was "to try to get glimpses of the social life which passed to and fro between London and the provinces...I shall show our ancestors of all ages in all kinds of custumes..busy at the nothings which make travelled life, eating, drinking, flirting, quarrelling, delivering uo their purses, grumbling over their bills".

Interesting too are the historical details he gives to each place and descriptions of the Inns along each of the journeys. A very humorous and informative insight into travel in bygone times. A great way to know about how our ancestors of all periods lived. Ref 1244 Price £9.10
a guide to the english tongue
A Guide to the English Tongue - Dyche - 1791. A wonderful insight into the use of the English language in the 1700s.

In two parts;

"The first, proper for beginners, shewing a Natural and Easy Method to pronounce and express both common words, and Proper Names; in which particular Care is had to shew the Accent, for preventing Vicious Pronunciation."

"The Second, for such as are advanced to some Ripeness of Judgment, containing Observations on the Sounds of Letters and Dipthongs; Rules for the true Division of Syllables, and the use of Capitals, Stops, and Marks; With large Tables of Abbreviations, and Distinctions of words; and several Alphabets of Copies for Young Writers."

"To which is added an Appendix containing many additional lessons in Prose and Verse; first in words of One Syllable only, and then mixed with words of Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven syllables; And further improved with new Fables and Cuts". Ref 0466 Price £13.90
songs of life
Songs of Life. A very sweet book with charming colour pictures and songs from the 19th and 20th centuries. Ref 1298 Price £9.00
the book of household management
The Book of Household Management - Isabella Beeton - 1869. Everyone has heard of it but this edition is very special indeed. Mrs Beeton died in 1865, four years before this second edition of her famous book was published. Subsequent editions were published by Ward Lock, as her husband sold the rights to the book, but the new publishers removed huge sections of the original recipes and proudly announced that the remaining recipes had been tried, tested and altered to improve them. In other words the newer editions did not contain Mrs Beeton's original recipes and the new publishers added more and different sections on household management, in effect editions from 1873 onwards were a completely different book

This edition, scanned from a 1869 original, contains well over a thousand pages and, unusually for a book of this date, some lovely colour plates

An absolute gem with extensive PDF bookmarks. Ref 0349 Price £16.90
happy homes and how to make them
Happy Homes - And How to Make Them. A lovely book, by J. W. Kirton (undated but probably about 1865.

Chapters include: Getting a home, Courting and popping the question, Advice to a young man seeking a wife, Advice to a young woman seeking a husband, Advice to young people seeking a house to live in, The mutual duties of married life, Special duties of the husband, Special duties of the wife, Four lessons from the landlady to the wife.

A wonderful insight into values, standards and life in Victorian times. Ref 0543 Price £14.50
buchans complete domestic medicine 1849
Buchan's Complete Domestic Medicine 1849. Lots of illustrations of the skeleton, muscles and body are included complete with labels. The book is a treatise on the prevention and cure of diseases by simple medicines. It examines the general causes of diseases and their links with children, clothing, food, exercise, unwholesome air, intemperance, anger, fear, grief and religious melancholy. It offers remedies to fevers, pleurisy, consumption, small pox, measles, asthma as well as problems less well known to doctors today such as swooning.

A small sized book but with nearly 800 pages of the most up-to-date remedies known to doctors in the 1800s it's a big and interesting read. Ref 1090 Price £11.70
first aid and home nursing
First Aid & Home Nursing A collection of four books on one CD, including "Five Ambulance Lectures", "Home Nursing", "First Aid to the Injured, the authorised text book of the St. John's Ambulance" and an earlier "First Aid to the Injured" dated 1887.

These books tell us the medical practices and theories of First Aid in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. If your ancestor worked as a nurse or for The St. John's Ambulance then these books will be a treasure, informing you about their life and work.

The books are simple to read and very informative, the "Home Nursing" book can be applied to home nursing today as its suggestions are still practical and relevant. Ref 1247 Price £11.70
the english herbal physician
The English Herbal Physician. This is an alphabetical table of herbs and plants written by Nich. Culpepper in the mid 1700s. He describes all the herbs in great detail, what they look like, where and when they grow, it then explains what the beneficial properties of each herb are and the illnesses they can ease.

Although this is an incredibly old book, the contents areas fascinating now as ever, especially when more and more people are trurning to alternative medicines for solutions.

Fully searchable. Ref 1251 Price £16.90
hills family herbal 1812
Hill's Family Herbal 1812. Detailed descriptions of plants and herbs with medicinal qualities, how they were prepared and their use and effects. By reading this book you could come to understand your ancestors' lives a little better.

Includes stunningly beautiful full colour illustrations. Ref 1363 Price £16.90
the coins of england
The Coins of England. This is an absolutely beautiful book which is full of richly coloured illustrations.

English coins are intimately connected wih the general history and progress of the country, of which they form interesting and informative monuments.

A coin proves several things about the people who issued it and their state of civilisation through the artwork, people and places with which they are decorated. In this delightful book the author describes coins from the Ancient World, prior to the establishment of Roman coins until the reign of Victoria. The coins of Saxons, the Commonwealth, Cromwell and every monarch are all thoroughly investigated. Ref 1242 Price £11.90
the coinage of the british empire
The Coinage of the British Empire. Published in 1854 this book covers the history of coinage in Britain and across the empire from the "ring money" of the ancient tribes before the Roman invasion through to the mid-Victorian period.

Filled with illustrative plates like the one pictured here it is fascinating to see the coins which our ancestors would have used on a daily basis. Ref 1050 Price £16.90
dougals unclaimed money register
Dougal's Unclaimed Money Register. This book contains about 70,000 names of people who have been advertised for to claim property and money. Dougal and Co. used to publish lists and charge for a copy of the original advertisement. These are people who have died without leaving wills, and with no known beneficiaries. People in all parts of the world from 1650 up until the early 1900s are listed in this book.

We are told that unclaimed estates can still be claimed no matter how old! Ref 1074 Price £13.50
the spectator
The Spectator Volumes 1-6 - 1711 to 1712. A fascinating collection of contemporary articles and letters giving a remarkable insight to life at the time. A total of 6 volumes covering 1711 to 1712 Ref 0055 Price £35.25
manners and customs
Manners and Customs. The Gentlemans Magazine Library 1734-1868.

Wonderful details of social and local manners and customs, plus details of games as our ancestors would have played them. Ref 0785 Price £16.90
popular superstitions
Popular Superstitions. The Gentlemans Magazine Library 1731-1868. A fascinating collection of contemporary articles and letters A highly entertaining book which details festival days, seasons, superstitions and witchcraft. Ref 0784 Price £16.90
dialects proverbs and word-lore
Dialects, Proverbs and Word-lore. The Gentlemans Magazine Library 1731-1868. A fascinating collection of contemporary articles and letters An excellent book which describes the meaning and origins of English words, dialects and proverbs including place names and surnames. Ref 0783 Price £16.90
hones every day book 1826
Hone's Every Day Book 1826. A fascinating collection of contemporary articles and letters Published in two huge volumes.

The title page states: The Every-Day Book or everlasting calendar of popular amusements, sports, Pastimes, ceremonies, manners, customs and events incident to each of the three hundred and sixty-five days, in past and present times....including accounts of the weather, rules for health and conduct, remarkable and important anecdotes,...antiquities, topography, biography, natural history....For daily use and diversion. Ref 0788 Price £24.70
popular errors explained and illustrated
Popular Errors Explained and Illustrated. John Timbs 1841. A fabulous book which sets out comtemporary thinking on a quite enomorous range of subjects such as smallpox innocculation, the relative merits of hot and cold bathing, the dangers of sleeping in the sun as opposed to working in it and much more besides.

Highly entertaining! Ref 1046 Price £16.90
the book of days
The Book of Days 1888. Take any day of the year, and find out an immense amount of detailed history and events that happened on that day. For special days such as Easter, Christmas and other important holidays and festivals there is even more with descriptions of traditional customs.

Two huge volumes reproduced as facsimiles on CD. Ref 0491 Price £23.10
fairholts costume in england
Fairholt's Costume in England. A history of dress from the very early Britons with their flint knives and arrowheads to the end of the 18th century with it's bonnets and fans.

What differentiates this book from others of it's type is the second volume which is a glossary including pictures. From this you get a sense not only of how the clothes were worn but why they were worn and where the idea and name came from. A fascinating book which brings to life the realities of dress and therefore the culture of our ancestors. Ref 1245 Price £16.90
english costume
English Costume. Fabulous descriptions of English styles of dress dating from the 11th century until 1830, with lots of beautiful illustrations.

Essential reading for all historians and family historians as it helps us all to imagine how people will have dressed on a day to day basis. Ref 0804 Price £21.10
recollections of old country life
Recollections of Old Country Life - J.K.Fowler 1894. A fascinating account of country life in the 1800s. Essentially about life in Buckinghamshire but equally applicable to many other english counties. Lots of anecdotes and stories about real people.

Kindly lent to The Archive CD Books project by Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake. Ref 0386 Price £12.60
something for everybody
Something for Everybody by John Timbs - 1861 Domestic Arts and Customs. Coloured title page with illustration of Brambletye House. To the reader dated June 1861. Contents, New Years Day, St Distaff's Day, St Blaze's Day, Palm Sunday, Morris Dance etc. Pall Mall - the game and the street, Whitebait, Personal Recollections of Brambletye (Sussex), Domestic Arts and Customs including Frummety or Furmety, Medieval Furniture, Milkmaids in London etc. Curiosities of Bees and Celebrated Gardens. This book has as the title describes "Something for Everybody". 312 pages with index. Ref 0551 Price £13.80
a collection of quaker testimonies 1760

A Collection of Quaker Testimonies

Published in 1760, and in the old fashioned typeset typical of the period. A fascinating collection of a great number of testimonies of Quakers. Wonderful reading for anyone with Quaker ancestors.

Ref 0299 Price £13.90

The (Quaker) Annual Monitor for 1849 or Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends In Great Britain and Ireland for the year 1848

The (Quaker) Annual Monitor for 1849 or Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends In Great Britain and Ireland for the year 1848

ISBN: 1-84630-146-7 Published in London 1849, this edition of the Annual Monitor or Obituary of Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland for the Year 1848 presents a complete list of members of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, who died in 1848 with a few of the deceased who died at the very end of 1847. This published list of obituaries and death notices was compiled from the annual returns made by each of the Society's Meeting Houses in Great Britain and Ireland, those that had the greatest knowledge on the life of its members. In each instance the obituaries provide the age of the deceased, the date of death, the particular Meeting House attended and in most instances the marital status of the deceased. In many cases the obituaries given are fulsome. This should come as little surprise to those familiar with the Birth, Marriage and Death Records kept by the Society. Dating from the foundation of the Religious Society of Friends these records exhibit the Society's great interest in keeping records of its growing membership and their achievements for the benefit of God and society as a whole. However, the registers also exhibit the decline in membership from the first decades of the 19th century. Having said this, the Society's Birth, Marriage and Death Registers provide the greatest detail on individuals prior to the introduction of the Civil Registration in Great Britain in 1837 and 1864 in Ireland and in most cases extend far beyond the parochial records kept by the established Churches. For those of a genealogical bent, this edition of the Annual Monitor pre-dates the introduction of Civil Death Registration in Ireland by some eighteen years. Even a quick glance at the obituary list shows that many of the deceased attended meeting houses in Ireland and died during the height of the Great Famine in that country. While some of the obituaries provide the barest of details, many are accompanied by the quite lengthy death notices if not eulogies provided by the elders of deceased's Meeting House. For example, one of the last entries for 1848 concerns a young man named Cuthbert Wigham, a member of the South Shields Meeting House, who died aged only 26 in Madeira. Wigham's death notice recalls that as a youth he was drawn towards the 'powerful convictions of sin', but by the time of death had been forgiven for his sins. Suffering from consumption, Wigham spent the last months of his life at Funchall and extracts from his diary for this period accompany his obituary. Republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom, the Annual Monitor for 1849 will appeal to anyone interest in the Religious Society of Friends in general and more specifically those with a genealogical interest in members of the Society.

Ref IE0040 Price £21.90

the universal pocket companion - 1741

The Universal Pocket Companion 1741

A lovely pocket reference book, in the old type style, including a description of England, places in the world, London and Westminster, companies in London, prices of the works of bricklayers, masons and carpenters, rates of post letters, stage coaches and carriers in England and Wales, Archbishops and Bishops, places at Court with salaries. Arithmetical and monetary tables, coins of different countries, accounts of arts and societies and much more.

Ref 0241 Price £17.10

the farmers almanac and calendar

The Farmers' Almanac and Calendar 1849

Everything for the farmer of 1849, from the supply of machinery and seed to hints and tips on farming preactices at the time. A wonderful resource for those with farming ancestors. Contains many interesting advertisements.

Also included on the CD are the original hand written personal notebooks and account books of farmers, dating from the 1830s to the later 1800s and a beautifully descriptive letter of 1851 from a farmer in Clipstone Nottinghamshire to freinds who had emigrated to the United States. Real original source material of the period.

Ref 0065 Price £13.90

Cadbury Bournville. A Century of Progress 1831-1931 Cadbury Bournville, A Century of Progress 1831-1931. A complete history of Bournville, a new town created in 1831 for the workers at the famous chocolate factory. The aim, which was very successful, was to create a complete living environment with housing, recreational facilities, etc. The book contains lots of early drawings of early Birmingham, and through to photographs of Bournville and its workers. Ref 0061b Price £10.70.
bournville collection Bournville Collection. A collection of several small books relating to Bournville, and the lifestyle of its workers and staff. Ref 0066 Price £13.50
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