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marriage licences issued by the faculty office
Marriage Licences issued from the Faculty Office. Published by the Harleian Society 1886 Licences granted to marry in places all over Great Britain."Jan 14 1665 - Richard Holford, of Lincoln's Inn, bachelor, 29, & Sarah Crew, of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, spinster, about 16, her father dead, & she in custody of her aunt Jane Struttey of Westonburt, co. Gloucester, who consents; at St. Paul's Covent Garden, Middlesex.""July 24 1796 - John Quincy Adams, Esq., of Boston in North America, Bachelor, above 21, & Louisa Catherine Johnson, of All Hallows, Barking, London, spinster, above 21; at All Hallows Barking aforesaid"."March 17 1698 - Henry Heylin, of parish of St. John Baptist, co. Hereford, Esq., bachelor, 40, & Ann Cooke of Churcham, co. Gloucester, spinster, 30, at her own disposal; alleged by Robert Cooke, of Bishop's Cleeve, co. Gloucester, Clerk; at Llanvyhangell, co. Monmouth."It is records such as these that are of immense value to family historians! A couple, one from Herefordshire, the other from Gloucestershire, who were issued with a licence in London to marry in a parish church in Monmouthshire, Wales. That will certainly knock down the brick wall in someone's research. It isn't at all difficult to find such instances. The books are full of them!Ref 8022 Price £14.60
marriage licenses issued by the bishop of london
Marriage Licences Issued by the Bishop of London. Two Volumes. Published by the Harleian Society 1887 (A very different, and more comprehensive publication than the "London Marriage Licences" CD ref 0068)Arranged in date order, with full indexes. Includes licences granted to marry in churches all over England. Not just London. Ref 8021 Price £17.80
marriage licences vicar general of the arcgbishop of canterbury
Marriage Licences: Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1660-1694 (4 volumes) Published by the Harleian Society 1890Four large volumes, with a wealth of information for family historians. Marriage licences give so much valuable information such as ages, places of residence, and importantly in many cases, fathers' names, etc. which are not stated in the parish registers until as late as 1837! The majority of the licences recorded in these books were issued were to couples residing in the home counties in and around London, but there are also many from other parts of Great Britain, giving couples the right to marry in other counties."March 14 1692 - William Vavasour, of Weston, Co. York, Esqr. Batchelor, aged 23, & Mary Fawkes, of Farmely in the said county, spinster, aged 19, with consent of her father Thomas Fawkes, who attests, at St. James Westminster.""March 15 1692 - Hope Long, of South Wraxall, Wilts, Widower, & Grace Blanchard of the city of Bath, Widow. Alleged by John Lovell of Drs. Commons, London, Gent.; at Box or Collerne, Wilts. or at Bath."The fact that licences were issued by The Vicar General of the Archbishop of Canterbury does not mean that they were for marriages in Canterbury. They can be for anywhere in the country. These volumes are fully indexed.Ref 8019 Price £20.80
marriage licences issued by the dean and chapter of westminster
Marriage Licenses Issued by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Published by the Harleian Society 1886Note that although the "Canterbury" licences appear to overlap those of the 4 volume set above, they contain different licence records.Both parts of this book include licences issued to couples from all over England. Ref 8020 Price £14.50
london marriage licences 1521-1869
London Marriage Licences 1521-1869. Note that these contain lists of licences granted in a particular diocese, but they include details of marriage licences relating to people all over the country, and are very valuable sources of family history information, as they also often include parents' names, villages & towns of residence, etc. The book's title is a little misleading, as there are few licences post 1800 included. The work is not totally comprehensive, but does contain many thousands of marriage licences.Not just for those with London ancestors! Ref 0068 Price £11.90
hampshire allegations for marriage licences Hampshire Allegations for Marriage Licences. Granted by the Bishop of Winchester 1689 - 1837. Published by the Harleian Society 1893 Although the licences recorded in these volumes are predominantly for Hampshire couples and for marriages in Hampshire parishes, they do also contain many for other parts of Great Britain.Especially noticeable here, are the number of mariners and soldiers of all ranks from captains to drummers, from all parts of Britain and beyond!"Fisher, Seth-Dunham, sojourning in Portsmouth, capt. of the George & Albert, South Sea Whaler, bachelor, born in America, & Elizabeth Imrie, of Portsmouth, spinster, daughter of John and Ann-Maria Imrie, baptised at Portsea, 2 March 1796, at Portsmouth 25 March 1823. John Imrie, lieut. R.N. bondsman"."Fitzpatrick, Patrick, of Wymering, & the 43rd Regiment, drummer, 21, bachelor, & Mary Pain, of the same, a minor, with the consent of her father, Peter Payne [sic], of the same, at Wymering. 15 May 1784"Every page is full of such records that are sure to be really invaluable in breaking down brick walls in research and locating those elusive ancestors. Ref 8023 Price £20.80
marriage licences in the archdeaconary of sudbury in the county of suffolk Allegations for Marriage Licences in the Archdeaconary of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk. Published by the Harleian Society 1918-1921 in four volumes.The very first entry in 1684 reads; John Murrell, of Lawshall, husbandman, & Sarah Richier, of Hepworth. Bondsman: Robert Garland, of Weltham, Husbandman. 3 Jan., 1684/5. This class of records are incredibly valuable to the family historian, as prior to 1837 marriages in parish registers did not state the father's name, and also rarely stated an occupation of the groom.Elian Helen, of Sudbury St. Peters, s.m. [single man], grocer, & Mary Ann Vincent, of Little Waldingfield, s.w. at same. 13 Jan 1818.Wm. Mann, jun., of Bromley, Middlesex, grazier, s.m., & Maria Strutter, of St. Mary, Bury St. Edmunds, at same. Bondsman John Stutter, of Bury St. Edmunds, gent. 19 Jan 1818.John Cook, of Assington, s.m., & Mary Elizh. Vincent, of Little Waldingfield, 19 years (father Philip Vincent, of same), at same. 19 Jan 1818.John Stickwood, of Sketchwoth, 19 years, & Sarah Hart, of same, s.w., 25 years. Edw. Stickwood, father of John Stickwood. Surrogate: J. Gee. 30 May 1755.It is well worth noting that there are many people here who were from outside the county of Suffolk, so these records will appeal to a wide range of researchers. The four books are arranged in date order and are fully indexed for names. Ref 8024 Price £20.80
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index to phillimores parish registers

Index to Phillimore's Parish Registers. Two PDF files created by Family History Research Limited to serve as an index to the marriages on the 29 English Phillimore Parish Register CDs.

Both files contain the names of the parishes included in each county and the dates covered by Phillimore's transcriptions of the marriage registers. One file is sorted by the name of the parish and the other file is sorted by county.

Please note that names of people are not included, these files are indexes of places and dates only.

The Counties included are Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and Yorkshire West Riding.

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