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genealogical and heraldic dictionary A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland - Bernard Burke 1863. Republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom with over 1700 pages. Ref IE0101 Price £25.50
dods peerages Dod's Peerages 1902. Containing nearly 1,100 printed pages and details "All the Titled Classes in Britain and Ireland for the year in which it was published and as such is an invaluable biographical companion". Ref IE5086 Price £20.50
peerages of england scotland and ireland 1790

Peerages of England, Scotland and Ireland 1790. Published in 1790 listing all of the Peerages of England, Scotland and Ireland. Many coats of arms illustrated (mainly for the most important families). Ref 0472 Price £15.00

Burkes History of Landed Gentry 1838 Burke's History of the Landed Gentry - 1838 A four volume set giving pedigrees of hundreds of families some of which date back to medieval times. Ref 0968 Price £26.30
English Mediaeval Rolls of Arms A Catalogue of English Mediaeval Rolls of Arms. This CD of a 1948 book provides details of surviving records of armorial bearings. Ref 8101 Price £17.70
Henry III Rolls of Arms Rolls of Arms - Henry III Includes works from 1244, 1253 and 1273 describing and discussing coats of arms, biographical and genealogical information. Ref 8090 Price £17.70
Peerage of England 1741 and 1750 The Peerage of England 1741 and 1750. Collins Peerage of England, four volumes from 1741 and two volumes from 1750. A Genealogical Account and Historical Account of all the Peers of England, now existing, either by tenure, summons or creation.Their descendants and collateral lines.Their births, marriages and issues.Famous acts both in war and peace. Religious and charitable donations. Deaths, places of burial, monuments. Many valuable memoirs never before published.Also their coats of arms, crests and supporters engraved on copper plates. (about 100 plates in total).By Arthur Collins. Printed for Innys and others in 1741. The work comprises around 2000 pages. (21cm by 13cm). In 4 volumes. PLUS: A Supplement to the Peerage of England. 2 volumes by Arthur Collins. Printed for Innys, and others, in 1750. This is a supplement to the original 4 volumes of the Peerage of England. Includes all the additional Peers from 1740. Gives all the details about them as listed for the original 4 volumes. The supplementary volumes total around 800 pages. There are about 12 pages of plates. Ref 0798 Price £30.50
Knights of Edward I Knights of Edward I. Published in five volumes by The Harleian Society this is an essential reference set for medieval historians and genealogists alike.Although the title suggests that it contains the details only of those who were knights during the reign of Edward I, many of these men had been made Knights by his father and continued to serve his son, Edward II. Of particular historical note are the infamous 'favourites' of Edward II, Piers de Gaveston and Hugh le Despenser, and John Balliol Edward's 'puppet king' of Scotland.An intriguing book which details the lives and families of men from one of the most turbulent periods in British history.Kindly loaned to the Project by The Harleain Society. Ref 8092 Price £24.90
Origins of some Anglo-Norman Families  The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families. An excellent reference book with details of some of the very oldest families. It includes an extensive list of sources and indexes of names, Norman overlords and their under-tenants in EnglandThis book was kindly loaned to the Project by The Harleian Society. Ref 8090 Price £14.50
Bigland Pedigree Index The Bigland Pedigree Index. An index to the pedigrees in the genealogical manuscripts of Sir Ralph Bigland, Garter King of Arms.This book was kindly loaned to The Archive CD Books Project by The Harleian Society. Ref 8089 Price £17.75
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