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The Parish Register The Parish Register 1910. A book explaining the mysteries of Parish Registers and giving helpful hints on how to get the best from them. Ref 1133 Price £6.55.
Camdens Britannia Camden's Britannia. Background information for family history research. Translated in 1722 and including maps from 1695. Ref 0291 Price £18.60.
Cambria Triumphans Cambria Triumphans - 1661 Percy Endebie. Written and published in 1661, an ancient and rare history written during a fascinating period of our history. Includes details of landed gentry and heraldic coats of arms. Ref 0759 Price £21.65.
Peerages of England Scotland and Ireland Peerages of England Scotland and Ireland 1790. Includes all peerages at the time and many coats of arms. Ref 0472 Price £14.35.
Surnames of the United Kingdom Surnames of the United Kingdom. An A-Z of surnames published in 1912 including a piece on the origin of surnames. Ref 1121 Price £11.90.
Patersons Book of roads 1808 Paterson's Book of Roads, 1808 Road routes and place information relating to Great Britain in 1808. Ref 0750 Price £17.70.
Owens New Book of Roads 1822 Owen's New Book of Roads, 1822. A detailed travellers guide which includes lists of prominent people. Ref 0501 Price £11.90.
Patersons Book of roads 1829 Paterson's Book of roads, 1829. Road routes and information. Ref 0456 Price £14.45.
John Stoddards Lectures Scotland and England - John Stoddard's Lectures. An illustrated book, the ninth volume of John Stoddard's lectures giving his views on Scotland, England and London. Ref 1299 Price £17.70.
Our own country Our Own Country - Cassells. Histories and illustrations of many places including Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge, Leeds, The Cinque Ports, Dumfermline, The Plym, Crowland, Ludlow, West Cornwall, Edgehill and Naseby, The Clyde, Burghley, The Weald of Kent, The Dee, Woburn, Dublin City, Scarborough and Whitby, Bristol, Derwentwater, Liverpool, Chester, Bedford, St Andrews and the coast of Fife, Durham, Derbyshire down the Wye and Derwent, The Menai Straits, The Malvern Hills, Lichfield and Coventry, Isle of Skye, Exeter, The Wye from Ross to Monmouth, Londonderry, Sedgemoor, Cambridge, Gloucester and Twekesbury, Birmingham, Exmoor, Cork and Hatfield House. Ref 0591 Price £17.70.
Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland - Cassell 1898. Descriptions of every town and village and a number of excellent maps. 4 CD set. Ref 0168 Price £28.60.
The Peerage of the British Empire The Peerage of the British Empire - Lodge 1839. A comprehensive listing of names and genealogies of hunders of Peers of the Realm. Ref 0482 Price £17.70.
Evidence on the Employment of Children 1842 Evidence on the Employment of Children - 1842. A government publication from 1842 containing evidence on the employment of children. Almost 900 pages of testimonies and interviews. Ref 1068 Price £19.75.
Quaker Testimonies A Collection of Quaker Testimonies. Published in 1760 a collection of Testimonies of Quakers. Ref 0299b Price £11.90.
Potts 1893 Mining Register Potts' 1893 Mining Register and Directory. A directory of mines, mine owners and managers for Great Britain and Ireland. Complete with geological maps, tables of statistics and details of the 1887 coal mines regulation act. Ref 1342 Price £13.75.
The Medical Directory 1898 The Medical Directory 1898. Over 2000 scanned pages listing doctors, surgeons, dentists etc with short biographical details of each. Also includes doctors resident abroad. Ref 1087 Price £24.45.
Kellys Directoty of Printers 1904 Kelly's 1904 Directory of Printers, Booksellers, Publishers etc. Covers England, Scotland, Wales and the principal towns of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Also includes many trades related to those included in the title. Ref 0542 Price £23.10.
The Railway and Commercial Gazetteer 1907 The Railway and Commercial Gazetteer A 1907 listing of every railway station, town, village and hamlet in Great Britain in alphabetical order. Also includes information about which companies ran over which railway lines. Ref 1300 Price £14.45.
Kellys Handbook to the titled, Landed and Official Classes 1890 Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1890. A searchable, alphabetical listing including details of genealogy and careers of those listed. Ref 1128 Price £14.45.
Kellys Handbook 1892 Kelly's Handbook 1892. Over 1200 pages, thousands of people including genealogical, personal, military and career information. Ref 1297 Price £16.10.
Kelly's 1927 Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes. Over 1800 scanned pages, thousands of people including, genealogical, personal, military and career information.Ref 0454 Price £16.10.
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