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a collection of coats of arms borne by the nobility and gentry of the county of gloucestershire 1792 A Collection of Coats of Arms Borne by the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Gloucester 1792 For anyone with an interest in the Heraldry and Coats of Arms of the County of Gloucestershire this is an invaluable publication providing images of all registered coats of arms. This book was loaned to the Archive CD Books Project by John Adey, a director of Family History Research Limited. Ref IE5121 Price £14.50
memorials of old gloucestershire 1912

Memorials of Old Gloucestershire 1912

First published in London and republished here on fully searchable CD-Rom. Fully indexed and containing 385 printed pages, edited by Peter Hampson Ditchfield the prolific author of many authorative publications on rural England. This edition contains well over 100 illustrations and presents a fascinating miscellany on the extremely diverse and fascinating county.

Ref IE5058 Price £14.90

The Gentleman's Magazine The Gentleman's Magazine Library 1731-1868, Durham, Essex and Gloucestershire. The original Gentleman's Magazine contained articles on a vast array of subjects, including lots of wonderful topographical pieces. In 1891 George Gomme republished all of these topograhical articles but edited and indexed them into county specific order. Each of Gomme's works contains between two and four separate counties, with a single common index. An absolute goldmine of information about the county, its people and its places. Ref 0773gls Price £13.50.
The Complete Parish Officer 1772 The Complete Parish Officer 1772. This is one of the most important resources that we have seen, and one that should be of great interest to all family historians. Published in 1772 it was the handbook of the duties and responsibilities of the Parish Officer. It includes the duties of the overseers of the poor, the power in relieving, employing and settling, etc. of poor persons; the laws relating to the poor, and settlements, and the statutes concerning masters and servants. The right of Settlement was something that was of great concern to all of our ancestors. Basically, to be able to have right of settlement in a parish, one had to be born there, married there or serving an apprenticeship there. Proof was all-important, especially if a person became destitute and needed support from the parish. Parish officers would have people literally evicted and transported to another parish under such circumstances. What happened about bastardy? What obligations does an apprentice have to his master and vice-versa? This book describes it all, together with the supporting laws.Other sections of the book include the authority and duty of constables, tithingmen, etc.; churchwardens, how they should be chosen, their duties, church accounts, repairing of churches, etc. There are some very interesting punishments for not attending church and keeping to the rules! There is a section on surveying the highways, Scavengers, methods of taxation of the highways, and laws. And finally, the duties and powers of Watchmen. Ref 0766gls Price £16.60.
Bennett's History of Tewkesbury Bennett's History of Tewkesbury. A comprehensive history of Tewkesbury, dating from Roman times to 1830 when the book was published. It describes the landscape, early history, military transactions, important historical occurrences as well as the facilities such as churches, the Abbey, schools etc It has a survey of the Manor translated form the Domesday book and descriptions of some of the hamlets in the Tewkesbury parish. This book will be of significant interest to those with Tewkesbury ancestors. Ref 1148 Price £15.70.
Tewkesbury Registers 1830-39 Tewkesbury Registers 1830-39. A fantastic, anecdotal history of Tewkesbury. The book holds many extras that could be invaluable to your family history research, including, a list of those who died in a cholera outbreak with details of the way they died, their address and occupation. It lists marriages and deaths, of people originating from outside the area, so if you're ancestor disappears but is known to be in the Tewkesbury area, try this book! It has a delightful chronology of anecdotes and news items, which form an excellent picture of life in Tewkesbury during this period. The index makes it easy to locate names, places or particular events.This book complements the 1832 and 1835 Poll Books well as it has detailed descriptions of the elections, how they were carried out, and even who supported whom. Depsite Mr Dowedswell winning the election, it's clear he wasn't necessarily the favourite choice,"A most disgraceful outrage was contemplated on Wednesday, the day intended for the chairing of the (elected) members: it having however, come to the knowledge of the committee of Mr Dowedeswell that dangerous missiles and filth of the most offensive description, had been conveyed to the tops of the houses in Barton street for the purpose of annoying that gentleman in his progress, it was deemed prudent by his friends to advise him to forego the ceremony of chairing." Ref 1150 Price £15.70.
Tewkesbury Registers 1840-49 Tewkesbury Registers 1840-49. Very similar to the book above but for the years 1840-49. The book also has a chronology of history and anecdotes, lists of marriages and deaths of people from outside the area as well as details about the facilities and antiquities of the town. A fascinating history of the town, a real must for those with Tewkesbury ancestors. Ref 1149 Price £15.60.
bibliotheca gloucestrensis Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis - John Washburn 1825. An extremely rare and important book which Gloucestershire researchers have discussed and coveted for nearly two hundred years. We have been incredibly fortunate to have been loaned a copy which we have now scanned and made available on CD so that all of those with Gloucestershire interests can benefit from its contents.From the title page:'A collection of rare and curious tracts relating to the county and City of Gloucester; illustrative, and published during the Civil War; with an historical introduction, notes and an appendix'.A superb documentary history of a city and county which played a huge role in the outcome of the civil war. The book contains many refences to ordinary people who played a part in the conflict.

After the production of the above on CD we came across two further volumes, published two years earlier in 1823 but called part one and part two. These are even more important than the 1825 volume as they contain personal accounts of the siege by John Corbet (personal chaplain to the Massie, the Governor of the Gloucester Garrison) and John Dorney, the town clerk, plus other accounts of events before and after the month long stand-off, including one superb piece by a member of the Trained Bands who marched out from London to the relief of Gloucester.We have now remastered the original CD to include all three volumes and released it at the same price as the original.

Ref 0812-B Price £18.20
Gloucestershire 1730 Magna Britannia, Cox Gloucestershire 1730 Magna Britannia, Cox What can we say? Almost three hundred years old, this book, written by Cox was published in 1730 describing the history of the county and its people from earliest times, and has descriptions and history of each of the places in the county.Superb scanned images of the original pages, which, although they are in the old type style of the period, are very readable, and most certainly fascinating. Superb early background information about the county for historians and genealogists. Unusually, the book still has its original map (1695) by Robert Morden, a collectors piece in its own right. This exceptionally rare book can now be seen by anyone. Ref 0252 Price £12.80
Gloucestershire - Bigland Gloucestershire - Bigland 4 CD set Simply the most important work for genealogists with Gloucestershire interests. If you only buy one CD book for Gloucestershire, then this is the one! Digitised from the original books of the first edition of 1786. Ralph Bigland started his work about 1750, and worked for some 30 years transcribing the gravestones of many Gloucestershire church yards, and then produced papers describing each place in detail. On his death, the work was published in 1786 in two huge volumes by his son, Richard Bigland, and included many beautiful engravings.This huge book 11.5" wide, 18" deep and 3" thick (with a CD shown here for scale) is liberally illustrated with the most beautiful high quality engravings of places and churches. Each place is described, together with its history, but the main feature of the book is its transcriptions of gravestones and monuments in each parish church and grave yard.... made in the period from 1750 to 1781. Almost all of these gravestones have since disappeared or have become illegible by weathering, and it is this information which is so valuable to family historians. Bigland did his work 1750 to 1778 ish... he compiled 2 volumes from his work, but they were not published... he died. He got up to "N" in the alphabet of places. A couple of years after his death, his son published the completed work of his father... in two volumes, I & II (although they were bound as one large book). These is the original book which I scanned. The second volume appears to be truncated, and it didn't, like the first volume, contain an index. So it is complete as far as it went at the time.... except for the fact that I managed to purchase a copy of that *original* Bigland book, and it is this which we put onto CD.

now the rest of the story.... 110 years later... (1895) a researcher found Bigland's original notes of the rest of the N's and to the end of the alphabet. The notes that had never even been compiled and sorted properly, never mind published. He then published two more volumes in the same format as Bigland's original work, and at the same time re-published the first two original volumes, making 4 in all, which he naturally gave the same title as the original Bigland volumes. Even the additional books don't contain every one of Gloucestershire's parishes, and in fact there are many more "missing" after N than before it... as Bigland didn't complete his ambition of doing them all.

95 years later.... in 1990. The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society reprinted a facsimile edition the 4 volumes of the 1895 publication, and sold them as a limited edition at GBP 120.00 (but of course, only the first two were written by Ralph Bigland, although the other two were indeed based on his notes).

11 years later... 2001. I get hold of the *original* Bigland's book, (at a cost of £500.00) which is exceedingly rare... which you see photographed here, and I put it onto CD. If I can get hold of copies of the third and fourth volumes published in the 1890s, then I will of course put them on CD as a supplement to the original books. This very rare and valuable book (it cost us £560) has now been renovated to the highest possible standard using traditional methods, and has been gifted to the Bristol Record Office, where it will now be preserved for future generations. Ref 0190 Price £27.50

Highways and Byways in Gloucestershire Highways and Byways in Gloucestershire. This book will always popular with those having Gloucestershire ancestors. Written in by Edward Hutton, with illustrations by Hugh Thompson, and published in 1932, it gives a tour around all of the towns and villages, with their history and antiquities, churches and people. Absolutely fascinating reading, and great background information for your family history. Lots of excellent illustrations too, which you can use in your own family history book. Ref 0813 Price £14.40
Deerhurst - A Parish of the Vale of Gloucester Deerhurst - A Parish in the Vale of Gloucester. Written in the 1880's this is a wonderful history of the parish with details of the church and priory there.There are also sections dealing with subjects such as houses, parish registers, church accounts, local families, legends and the physical features of the parish. Ref 0544 Price £11.80
Gloucestershire: Little Guide Gloucestershire: Little Guide. A super little book, first published in by J. Charles Cox in 1914. It contains information about towns and villages in the county, 28 illustrations and photograph plus 6 maps and plans including a fabulously detailed county map. General information included in this publication covers population and divisions, general physical features, scenery and woodland, communications, flora and fauna, history, worthies, industries and antiquities. Ref 0688 Price £11.80
The Forest of Dean Gloucestershire 1858 The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire (1858). Published in 1858, this lovely book by H. G. Nicholls covers the complete history and present state of the Forest of Dean (the part of Gloucestershire west of the River Severn, and bordering Herefordshire and Monmouthshire). Towns and villages and their development as the Forest was opened up, the Forest and its ancient Royal Charter, churches and chapels, geology, industry. Just about everything there is to know about the district up to 1858. Includes maps and lots of illustrations. Ref 0058 Price £11.80
History of Mangotsfield History of Mangotsfield. Our Parish - A History of Mangotsfield and The Rev. A. Emlyn Jones. Published 1889. Ref 0059 Price £11.80

Farm Day Book and Accounts Farm Day Book and Accounts. Gloucestershire 1894-1950. The Farm Day Books and Accounts of James Hulbert and his son Edward George Hulbert of Hawkesbury and Swindon Village, Gloucestershire.A unique insight into farming from before 1900 and the first half of the last century. Contains lots of references to other people, suppliers, workers, etc.Original hand written documents. Ref 0413 Price £14.60
Gloucester in National History Gloucester in National History. Includes a map by Speed of Gloucester city in 1610. Chapters cover the history of Gloucester during Roman, Saxon, and Norman times. Also included are chapters on Milo of Gloucester, The Struggle for National Freedom 1154-1265, Kings and Parliaments 1274 - 1687, the Siege of Gloucester 1643 - 1645, the Methodist revival, Municipal and ecclesiastical Gloucester.A very early history of a city that has played a major role in National events. Excellent background information for family historians. Ref 1192 Price £14.60

History of Cirencester The History of Cirencester. A very comprehensive history of this ancient town, from it's days as "Corinium" the Roman City to the nineteenth century when this book was published. The book describes the memorable events of the town as well as the history of it's religion, government, trades and industry, transport, public buildings, institutions and the towns environs. It is illustrated with maps of the old market place and sketches of important buildings. A very early history book that will provide lots of background information for those with ancestors from this area. Ref 1241 Price £9.50
The Story of Some English Shires The Story of Some English Shires. Revd Mandell Creighton 1897. Wonderful historical accounts of seventeen English counties including:Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Lancashire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire. Ref 1028 Price £17.80
Old maps of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire and Shropshire Maps Vol 11 Maps - Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire and Shropshire. An incredibly useful resource! Really high quality digitised maps that you can zoom in and in to see the finest detail.Illustrate your family history book by copying and pasting all or parts of these maps into your documents.

Gloucester 1610, 1914

Bristol 1794, 1886, 1897, 1914

Gloucestershire 1642, 1695, 1730, 1831, 1842, 1870, 1879, 1897, 1902,1910, 1914, 1923, 1927, 1939 (Some also include inset Gloucester maps)

Herefordshire 1695, 1831, 1842, 1895, 1909, 1934

Oxfordshire 1695, 1831, 1844, 1847, 1864, 1869, 1939

Shropshire 1695, 1828, 1831, 1844, 1870, 1895, 1906, 1909, 1913 and 1934

Ref 0007-11 Price £11.90

Powell's Gloucestriana 1890

Powell's Gloucestriana or Papers Relating to the City of Gloucester (1890) - ISBN 1-84630-137-8

Compiled by John Joseph Powell, Q.C., a former Member of Parliament for the City of Gloucester and published in 1890, Gloucestriana, is a cornucopia of facts and anecdotes relating to the City collected from local newspapers and journals, notably the Gloucester Journal.

In just over 200 pages Powell presents information on such diverse subjects as the early manufacturing trade and commerce of the City, to bribery and corruption in a number of the City's ,ore infamous elections to the death of Edward II.

Glocestriana commences with one of its more lengthy chapters on the trade, manufactures and commerce of the City. Taken from a lecture read before the Archaeological Institute of Gloucester in 1860, the author describes in some considerabel detail the City's import and export trade as well as its domestic industry from records dating from the the Roman occupation, through Norman Conquest and the compilation of the Doomsday Book down to 1860. In the Domesday Book Gloucester's thriving trades were recalled as was the City's importance compared to the 'burg' of London. Shortly after this the City was twice destroyed by fire, but was quickly rebuilt and by the reign of Henry II in the 12th Century the City was renowned for its cotton manufacture and trade.

In the Chapter entitled 'The Case of the Citizens of Gloucester', Powell described how corruption and bribery was endemic in Parliamentary elections down to 1832 and paints a very vivid picture of some of Gloucester's more notorious election campaigns for Parliament. This chapter is followed by an in-depth commentary on the journal of the Rev. Francis Wells, Vicar of Prestbury, Gloucestershire. The journal spanned the periods 1715 to 1756 during which periods Wells served as Justice of the Peace and Magistrate for the County and recorded in painstaking detail the cases over which he presided at Petty and Quarter Sessions and Assizes. By all accounts Wells dispensed some harse justice, which ranged from placing a women in the stocks for cursing, the public whipping of a hedge-breaker to the examination of women named Frances Williams for the possession of a 'big-belly', which was either the result of ale drinking or consorting with 'lewd fellows'.

Gloucestriana includes a forty-five page description of some of the more colourful characters returned as Members of Parliament for the City and a fascinating topographical description of the city in the mid-1700s.

Republished here in fully-searchable CD-Rom format, Glocestriana must appeal to anyone with an interest in the history and development of the City of Gloucester.

Ref IE5003 Price £12.90

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