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The Universal Directory of Great Britain 1791 The Universal Directory of Great Britain - 1791 Our favourite directory. Five huge volumes comprising the earliest directory for Great Britain, and one which is probably the most important directory for genealogists and historians that we have released on CD. For towns and villages the descriptions of the places are excellent, with details of their facilities, etc, and includes those residents with trades (even those such as farmers, hay-binders, labourers, bakers, shop keepers, etc.) and their addresses. Although titled "Great Britain", this directory covers places in England and Wales. Volume 1 of the five is devoted to London, volumes 2 to 4 cover the places in the England and Wales in alphabetical order, and vol. 5 contains a number of the subsequent amendments and additions published in the next few years. "The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture, comprehending Lists of the Inhabitants of London, Westminster, and Borough of Southwark; and of all the Cities, Towns, and principal Villages, in England and Wales; with the Mails, and other Coaches, stage-wagons, Hoys, Packets, and Trading Vessels. To which is added, a genuine Account of the Drawbacks and Duties chargeable at the Custom-House on all Goods and Mechandize, imported, exported, or carried coastwise, with a particular of the Public Offices of every denomination; His Majesty's Court, and Ministers of State; The Peers of the Realm, and Parliament of Great Britain; The Court of Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, and Common-Council, of London; together with an Historical Detail of the Antiquities, Curiosities, Trade, Polity, and Manufacturers, of each City, Town, and Village. The whole comprising a Fund of useful and important Information, equally interesting to the Nobleman, the Gentleman, and Man of Business." Ref 1134hef Price £36.50
pigots directory of huntingdonshire 1830 Pigot's Directory of Huntingdonshire 1830 One of the earliest directories, this one covers the whole of the county, with descriptions of all of the towns and main villages, churches, schools etc. and a listing of people with trades. A huge amount of early 19th century information of historians and genealogists. Ref 0280 Price £14.90
pigots directory of huntingdonshire 1839 Pigot's Directory of Huntingdonshire 1839. An early directory including the market towns and larger villages in Huntingdonshire.

By the late 1830s Pigot's directories were becoming more detailed and due to its date this directory can help locate ancestors in the 1841 census. Ref 0943 Price £14.90
post office directory of huntingdonshire 1847 Post Office Directory of Huntingdonshire 1847. The Post Office directories were the fore-runners of, and published by, Kelly's.

This excellent county directory comes with its original 1847 map of the county. Ref 0439 Price £18.50
Combined Post Office Directories 1847 Combined Post Office Directories 1847. Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Huntingdonshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire on one CD.

A special combined edition of all of the above six county Post Office Directories. Ref 0448 Price £41.50
post office directory of huntingdonshire 1869 Post Office Directory of Huntingdonshire 1869 In three parts. A county directory of each town and village with its facilities, lists of people with trades; a court directory (private residents, mainly the well to do ones); a classified trades directory.

The excellent original 1869 map is included. 0446 Price £18.50
huntingdonshire return of owners of land 1873 Huntingdonshire Return of Owners of Land 1873. Lists every person who owned 1 acre of land or more in Huntingdonshire with name, place, extent of land and its value.

Ref 0213-16 Price £13.50
post office directory of huntingdonshire 1877 Post Office Directory of Huntingdonshire 1877. An excellent and very comprehensive directory. Each town, village and hamlet in the county is described in detail with information about the churches, schools, hospitals and other institutions. Each place has lists of private residents and commercial traders. Also included is a court directory of private residents and a classified trades directory.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Family Record Centre. 9056 Price £18.50
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