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liverpool's first directory Liverpool's First Directory. This incredibly early directory was created by Shaw in 1766.

Includes a list of names and addresses of inhabitants and a professional and street directory. You can easily locate ancestors and find their address using the pull out map.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Ref 1227 Price £14.80
manchester directory 1773 The Manchester Directory 1773. This CD-Rom of the Manchester Directory is taken from an 1889 republication of the original second edition of 1773.

Prefaced with "An exact account of the streets, lanes, courts and alleys" found in the city in 1773. There follows a fifty four page alphabetical listing of the merchants and traders of the city, which in almost every instance provides an address and business. This is followed by a much shorter, but very useful alphabetical list of the country tradesmen, with their places of abode and warehouses, in Manchester. There are also miscellaneous sections providing an account of stage coaches and carriages arriving and leaving Manchester as well as vessels plying their trade from the various quays in the city.

As a genealogical aid and a piece of social history, the Manchester Directory, unique for its day, must remain a unique resource and is republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom. Ref IE5018 Price £9.80
lewis directory of manchester and salford 1788 Lewis's Directory of Manchester and Salford 1788. One of Manchester's very earliest directories, with a listing of tradesmen, merchants and manufacturers, lists of the country tradesmen (those just visiting Manchester to sell wares), lists of Justices of the Peace, Attorneys, list of all streets, list of the Whitsters, an account of coaches both to and from Manchester, infirmaries, lunatic asylums etc., a street map, desrciption of Manchester, an historical account and a history of its manufacturing industries. Ref 0160 Price £15.10
Universal Directory of Great Britain 1791 The Universal Directory of Great Britain 1791. Our favourite directory.

Five volumes on one CD, the earliest directory of England and Wales and one of the most interesting. Ref 1134. Price £33.80
gores liverpool directory 1796 Gore's Liverpool Directory 1796. A very early alphabetical list of the tradesmen, merchants and principal inhabitants of Liverpool. This doesn't mean it just lists well to do folk, it has cow keepers, weavers and a great variety of other trades people too. It also contains lots of local information that you can use to build up an image of what life would have been like in Liverpool in 1796.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Ref 1225 Price £14.20
gores liverpool directory 1821 Gore's Liverpool Directory 1821. Another very early directory listing the merchants, trades people and principal inhabitants of the town in 1821. As in the 1796 directory tere is a great deal of information to put the meat on the bones of your family history research.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Ref 1129 Price £14.20
pigots directory of lancashire 1822 Pigot's Directory of Lancashire 1822. .

This is the very first countywide directory for Lancashire. An extremely rare directory.

Includes the towns of; Ashton under Lyme, Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Clitheroe, Colne, Garstang, Haslington, Kirkham and Lytham, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Newton in the Willows, Oldham, Ormskirk, Poulton and Blackpool, Prescot and St Helens, Preston, Rochdale, Ulverston, Warrington and Wigan. Ref 0519 Price £18.50
baines directory of lancashire 1824/5 Baines Directory of Lancashire 1824/5. Two large volumes.

For an early directory this one is very comprehensive indeed. Not only a trade directory but lots of really useful historical information, and extensive descriptions of each town and village and their facilities. Thousands of names of people included. A real gem for historians and genealogists, and a must for those with Lancashire ancestors. Ref 0107 Price £22.90
pigots directory of birmingham bristol leeds liverpool manchester and sheffield 1825 1826 Pigot's Directory of Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield 1825/6. An unusual Pigot's classified trade directory that covers 6 major manufacturing towns in England. Ref 0208 Price £14.70
pigots directory of lancashire 1828/9 Pigot's Directory of Lancashire 1828/9. An excellent early directory of Lancashire, complete with its original map of 1828 that you can zoom in to see the finest detail.

Compared with other county directories by Pigot and Co this one is very thick and very comprehensive. Ref 0258 Price £18.70
pigots directory of lancashire 1834 Pigot's Directory of Lancashire 1834. An early directory containing descriptions of the larger towns and villages in the county of lancashire. It contains the names and trades of residents, listing everyone from bricklayers to bankers. Set out in alphabetical order and fully searchable this is a very easy way to find lancashire ancestors and to discover more about their lives.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Ref 1234 Price £14.20
gores directory of liverpool 1843 Gore's Directory of Liverpool 1843. One of the very rare Liverpool directories.

A thick and very comprehensive Liverpool directory loaned to Archive CD Books by the Family Records Centre. Ref 9012 Price £19.20
slaters directory of lancashire 1846 Slater's Directory of Lancashire 1846. This very large early directory contains an alphabetical list of all trades people, their names, trades and addresses. Also has a description of each town and village in the county of Lancashire.

This book was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies. Ref 1230 Price £18.20
whellans manchester and district directory 1852 Whellan and Co's Manchester and District Directory 1852. Places in this directory include; Manchester and Salford, Ashton-under-Lyne, Stalybridge and Dukinfield, Oldham, Rochdale, Middleton, Stockport, Altrincham, Cheadle, Hyde, Eccles, Radcliffe, Prestich, Glossop, Mottram, Saddleworth and Todmorden.

From the list above it seems that this directory covers parts of Cheshire and Derbyshire as well as Manchester and its environs.

It includes an alphabetical general directory of people with their occupations and addresses, a classified trades directory, lists of country manufacturers and merchants at the Exchange plus separate classified trades directories for the places named above.

This directory can be used as a partial index for the 1851 census. Ref 0867 Price £23.20
mannex and co directory of mid lancashire 1854 Mannex & Co History Topography and Directory of Mid-Lancashire 1854. A very comprehensive and detailed directory for the period, with excellent descriptions and history of each place, and lists of residents (779 pages).

This directory covers a large area of Lancashire including Blackburn, Bolton-le-Moors, Burnley, Bury, Chorley, Haslingden, Prescot, Preston, Wigan and all surrounding villages and townships. Ref 1154 Price £18.20
slaters directory of lancashire 1855 Slater's Directory of Lancashire 1855. A superb and very comprehensive directory of Lancashire.

Please note that this directory includes Liverpool but not Manchester. Ref 0534 Price £22.90
slaters directory of manchester 1855 Slater's Directory of Manchester 1855. This is the very special Manchester section of the much larger Slater's Northern Counties directory. 950 pages with the names of people listed alphabetically.

An excellent buy for those with Manchester encestors. Ref 0536 Price £22.80
slaters directory of northern counties 1855 Combined Slater's Directory of Northern Counties (Cheshire, Cumberland, Lancashire and Westmoreland 1855. This includes the Lancashire and Manchester 1855 directories plus county directories of Cheshire, Cumberland and Westmoreland, all of the advertisements and some absolutely beautiful county maps.

An absolute gem for those researching the northern counties of England. Ref 0713 Price £24.20
post office directory of lancashire 1858 Post Office directory of Lancashire 1858. Bound into three huge volumes this is a fabulously comprehensive directory of the whole of the county of Lancashire including Liverpool and Manchester.

Each place in the county has a superb description of its history and facilities such as schools, churches, hospitals etc plus directories of private residents and commercial tradespeople.

Liverpool, Manchester and Preston have superb street by street directories. Ref 9001 Price £28.50
gores liverpool directory 1860 Gore's Directory of Liverpool 1860. An absolutely superb directory of the City of Liverpool and its suburbs. This directory includes a huge alphabetical list of people with their addresses and occupations plus a wonderfully comprehensive street by street, house by house, directory.

This is without a doubt one of the best directories from this period. Ref 9047 Price £19.20
slaters directory of lancashire 1869 Slater's Directory of Lancashire 1869. A huge directory which covers the whole of the county of Lancashire including Manchester and Liverpool.

Contains the names and addresses of tradespeople and private residents in each place as well as lots of wonderful topographical and historical information about the local institutions such as churches, schools and hospitals that our ancestors who have used.

A fully searchable CD-rom Ref 1057 Price £19.20
post office directory of manchester 1873 Post Office Directory of Manchester 1873. With nearly 750 pages this is an extremely comprehensive directory of Manchester and its suburbs. It contains a street by street list of people and their trades plus an excellent alphabetical list of private residents. This information should make searching the 1871 census easier.

This book was kindly lent to the Archive CD Books project by The Family Records Centre. Ref 9029 Price £19.20
Lancashire 1873 Return of Owners of Land Lancashire 1873 Return of Owners of Land. Lists every person in the county who owned 1 acre of land or more, with name, place, extent of land and its value. Ref 0213-18 Price £11.50
mannex and co north east lancashire directory 1876 Mannex and Co Directory of North East Lancashire with Bury and District 1876. Includes Bacup, Burnley, Bury, Clitheroe, Colne, Haslingden, Heywood, Padiham, Pendleton, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom etc and a list of towns and villages. Ref 0284 Price £14.90
post office directory of bolton 1876-7 Post Office Directory of Bolton 1876/7. A suberb and incredibly comprehensive directory of the famous Lancashire town of Bolton.

At the beginning is an alphabetical index of streets which lists every road in the area, followed by a general directory with names, occupations and addresses.

There then follows a street by street directory and a classified trades directory. An absolute must for anyone with Bolton ancestors.

The this was kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by The Family Record Centre. Ref 9055 Price £18.20
kellys directory of liverpool 1881 Kelly's Directory of Liverpool 1881. This directory is excellently indexed making it very easy to find ancestors and details about their trades.

Contains a street and suburb directory, which lists the head of every household living in that street, as well as alphabetical lists of residents and their trades. Typically for a Kelly's Directory it also has an interesting description of the town in 1881. Ref 1147 Price £19.20
mannex history and directory of furness and cartmel P Mannex History and Directory of Furness and Cartmel. No date of publication is given but the publisher's address is dated 1882.

An excellent and comprehensive history and directory. Ref 0604 Price £18.20
barretts directory and topography of lancaster 1886 Barretts' Directory and Topography of Lancaster 1886. This directory covers Lancaster, Morecombe, Carnforth, Milnthorpe, Kirkby, Lonsdale, Bentham, Ingleton and adjacent villages and townships.

Well indexed this directory gives historical descriptions of each place and alphabetically lists it's residents along with their trade and address. Ref 1158 Price £14.20
kellys directory of lancashire 1895 Kelly's Directory of Lancashire 1895. A huge county directory and a tremendous resource for historians and genealogists with Lancashire interests.

This book excludes Liverpool and Manchester.

Kindly loaned to the Archive CD Books project by the Family Records Centre. Ref 9013 Price £19.20
kellys directory of manchester 1895 Kelly's Directory of Manchester 1895. A superb resource for those with Manchester ancestors.

In addition to the normal directory sections of trades etc this has a huge house by house, street by street listing of all households. Not just traders...labourers, railway workers, you name it.. Ref 9014 Price £19.20
slaters directory of Stretford 1904 Slater's Directory of Stretford, Prestwich, Eccles etc 1904. A more localised directory for a period which is particularly hard to research.

Very comprehensive with lots of detail. Ref 0233 Price £15.30
kellys directory of lancashire 1905 Kelly's Directory of Lancashire 1905. A huge directory of the entire county, with the exception of Liverpool and Manchester which by this time had their own dedicated publications.

Some of the large towns have detailed street by street listings of virtually every head of household with a trade. There are also comprehensive directories of private residents and traders.

It should be remembered that a trade directory is not just a list of names. Each place has a detailed description of its history and public resources, such as churches, schools, hospitals and local government, so by reading these we learn more about the places our ancestors lived in. Ref 1056 Price £19.70
gores directory of liverpool 1911 Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Suburbs 1911. The first section is a street by street directory. Each street is listed in alphabetical order with names and addresses of virtually every head of household, this section alone has 721 pages.

The next part contains and alphabetical list of the city's inhabitants, with their addresses and occupations. Opning the book at random we find people with jobs such as gardener, engine driver and railway fireman, so these are ordinary people, not just the rich and powerful. This alphabetical directory of people has nearly 1000 pages.

The last part is an incredibly comprehensive classified trades directory with each occupation listed in alphabetical order and showing the names and address of people with these trades. Ref 0621 Price £25.50
preston barrow and district trade directory 1913 Preston Barrow and District Trade Directory 1913. A comprehensive classified directory of people with trades, listing names and addresses. A wonderful snapshot in time just before the First World War.

Includes; Preston, Ashton on Ribble, Bamber Bridge, Deepdale, Farington, Fishwick, Frenchwood, Fulwood, Goosnargh, Grimsargh, Higher Walton, Longridge, Longton, Lostock Hall, Pentwortham, Ribbleton, Salmesbury, Walton le Dale, Whitestakes, Barrow in Furness, Barrow Island, Hawcoats, Hindpool, Newbarns, Ormsgill, Peil Island, Rampside, Salthouse, Vickerstown, walney Island, Blackpool, Broughton in Furness, Carnforth, Coniston, Dalton in Furness, Fleetwood, Garstang, Grange over Sands, Kirkham, Lancaster, Leyland, Lytham, Morecambe, Poulton le Fylde, St Anne's on the Sea, Ulverston etc. Ref 1075 Price £18.50
history topography and directory of lancaster and district 1913 J. Bulmer - History, Topography and Directory of Lancaster and District 1913. First published in about 1912 and republished here on fully searchable CD-rom.

One of only two directories for Lancaster and District punlished by Bulmer's this edition contains some 608 printed pages and is subtitled The History and Archeaology of the town of Lancaster, with separate historical descriptions of each parish and township within a radius of about sixteen miles. Ref IE5050 Price £19.20
kellys directory of lancashire 1924 Kelly's Directory of Lancashire 1924. The last directory of the whole of the county of Lancashire excluding Liverpool and Manchester which have their own directories at this time.

Each place has it's own description and directories of tradespeople and private residents, while the largest towns, such as Blackburn have street by street directories. Also included are a countrywide directory of private residents, a classified trades directory and an excellent maps of the county. Ref 0908 Price £27.50
seeds directory of southport and district 1924 Seed's Directory of Southport and District 1924-5. An incredibly detailed local directory which covers the whole of the borough of Southport including Ainsdale, Birkdale, Blowick, Churchtown, Crossens and Formby with street by street, alphabetical by name and classified trades directories.

The publishers proudly claim to have visited every house, shop, works, office etc. Ref 0981 Price £23.50
kellys directory of manchester, salford and suburbs 1929 Kelly's Directory of Manchester, Salford and suburbs 1929. An incredibly comprehensive directory with 2800 pages. Includes a full listing of everybody in every street with a separate alphabetical directory of private residents.

Ref 0594 Price £33.50
kellys directory of liverpool and suburbs 1938 Kelly's (Gore's) Directory of Liverpool and suburbs 1938. A huge directory with over 2300 pages covering Liverpool, Bootle, Birkenhead, Wallasey and environs.

There is an excellent street by street directory which gives the names of the heads of households and very often their occupation. Also included is an alphabetical diretory which makes searching for people very much easier. Ref 0622 Price £27.50
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