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Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences

Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences (Vol 1) 1577-1754. Abstracts of licences for:ARCHDEACONRY COURT 1577-1700 PECULIAR OF SOUTHWELL 1588-1754. Licences give a lot of useful information to genealogists, as even the early ones will state details such as the place of residence of the couple, their parents or guardians, their ages, and so on. Information which is not in the early church marriage registers. This very thick book covers licences issued in Nottinghamshire between the years 1577 and 1754.Note that volume 2 (below) does not overlap in contents. The licences were issed in a different place. Ref 0256A Price £14.00

Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences 1701-1853
Nottinghamshire Marriage Licences (Vol 2) 1701-1853. ARCHDEACONRY COURT 1701-1753PECULIAR OF SOUTWELL 1755-1853. This very thick book covers licences issued in Nottinghamshire between the years 1701 and 1853. (In earlier periods, licences were issued in Nottingham, and Southwell) Ref 0256B Price £14.00
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers
Nottinghamshire Parish Registers - Marriages (Phillimore). NEW REVISED AND REMASTERED COMPENDIUM OF 27 BOOKS COVERING THE CITY OF NOTTINGHAM AND THE COUNTY OF NOTTINGHAMSHIRE(Illustrated here are just three of the 27 books) (Released February 2005) Part 1: 5 VOLUMES - NOTTINGHAM CITY PARISHES Nottingham Churches plus "Notes on St. Mary"St. Mary (2 volumes), St. Peter, St. Nicholas, Plus a fifth book: "Notes on St. Mary's Parish Registers". (Baptisms, Marriages & Burials) Part 2: 22 VOLUMES - NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY PARISHES

Transcripts of Marriage registers. Incredibly rare books, only 150 of each volume were ever printed.A tremendous resource for genealogists, which includes a transcript of all marriages from the earliest preserved registers in the 1500s to 1812 AND IN SOME CASES 1836 (Parishes in the very North of the County were never transcribed by Phillimore, and are therefore not included in his volumes). Ref 0050-S3 Price £18.00

The Registers of Headon Nottinghamshire The Registers of Headon, Nottinghamshire 1566-1812. Printed transcripts of the parish registers 1566-1812 Fully searchable in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ref 1014 Price £14.00
Friar Lane Baptist Church Nottingham
The History of Friar Lane Baptish Church Nottingham - Godfrey & Ward 1903. An incredibly detailed history of this popular non-conformist church in Nottingham which includes a full transcript of the burial and baptismal registers from 1742 to 1837. Ref 1069 Price £17.00
The Gilds of St George & St Mary in the Church of St Peter Nottingham
The Gilds of St George & St Mary in the Church of St Peter Nottingham. Ancient accounts of the Gild of St George which contains lists of aldermen, churchwardens etc. and a summary of the churchwardens' accounts 1521-1547, 156o-1564, 1565-1571 and 1575 to 1648. Ref 0862 Price £11.50
The Cathedral Church of Southwell
The Cathedral Church of Southwell. With thirty eight illustrations.The aim of the writer was to compile a work that provided archaeological, historical, accurate information in a language not too technical for the reader. He has succeeded; this book covers the history of Southwell Cathedral from the early Norman times to the dissolution of the chapter. If you're interests lie in local history or if one of your ancestors lived or worked at the Cathedral, this is an excellent book for you. Ref 1257 Price £11.50
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